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I've spent a marvelous weekend in the Berkshires! I came to Stockbridge, Massachusetts for a meetup with a group of women I met on LibraryThing, including fellow bloggers Wendy (caribousmom) and Terri (Reading, Writing and Retirement & Ways I See the World). I was so excited to meet everyone, and amazed how easily we transitioned from online to face-to-face relationships. We gathered Friday night at Conroy's B&B, each of us armed to the hilt with food, drink, and books to share. I came away with a few new books for my shelves including In the Bleak Midwinter, What I Loved, & The Ghost Road. We chatted well into the night, and I slept like a baby in this wonderful inn.

The morning dawned cool but pleasant, and after lots of coffee and a delightful breakfast we were off to The Mount, Edith Wharton's estate built in 1902. It was here she wrote The House of Mirth (which I decided I simply had to purchase in the gift shop). During a guided tour of the house I learned that Wharton wrote every single morning from 6 to 11, and she did so in her bed. Her bedroom had a beautiful view of the surrounding woods and lake. Bliss and inspiration! After the house tour we strolled the gardens and enjoyed tulips, fountains, and a woodland walk to the pet cemetery (Wharton was a dog-lover, and had 4-5 small dogs at any one time). Below, a mini garden tour (click to enlarge):
PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket

After lunch in Lenox we explored the local shops, and then returned to Conroy's for "quiet time" on our own. The early evening found us gathering again to graze through Friday night's leftovers. Good food and conversation kept us going until about 10pm. I will treasure this event, and the friendships strengthened by our time together.

I haven't had much time for reading this weekend, but I've managed to dip into Katherine Mansfield's The Garden Party and Other Stories before bed and in the early morning. I've really enjoyed discovering this new-to-me author; I should finish this book in the next couple of days so be sure to check back here for my review. This morning after breakfast I'll hop in the car and head for home, and the 6-hour drive will allow plenty of time for my family to whip up an amazing Mother's Day feast (anyone at home reading this?!)

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday!

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May. 10th, 2009 04:40 pm (UTC)
What a great place to meet up with bloggers!

I've never read Wharton, but she's on my someday list.
May. 11th, 2009 12:14 am (UTC)
What a great weekend!
May. 11th, 2009 01:10 am (UTC)
What an amazing weekend it was - and so much fun to actually get to hang out with you IN PERSON!!! I feel like we might have been twins separated at birth (except for the height thing - hee hee)
May. 12th, 2009 03:36 pm (UTC)
The height thing? Why, whatever do you mean? LOL ...
May. 12th, 2009 04:35 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, a good time was had!!!! I'm here to tell all your blog readers what a wonderful, energetic, bright and funny woman you are!!! This must be an annual event, it was perfection.
May. 12th, 2009 04:52 pm (UTC)
* blush *
And you are a sweet, creative, sensitive soul (that is, once you've had your coffee!!), and ready with the perfect quip at just the right moment.
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