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Booking Through Thursday - Where Does the Time Go?

Here's this week's thought-provoker on Booking Through Thursday :
Have you ever missed an important appointment because you have become so engrossed in a book you forgot the time or were up so late reading that you didn't wake up in time? Been late to work because you couldn't resist the temptation and left the house too late? 

We all have character traits we'd like to change, right?  For me it's my slavish devotion to schedules.  I am compulsively punctual.  I really wish I had the ability to get totally lost in something and forget about my next commitment!  I am fortunate to be married to someone who is more spontaneous, and follows his heart rather than a timetable.  That helps ...

I also am a morning person, so although I read every night before going to bed, I'm not likely to stay up too late.  However, if I stop reading at a particularly interesting point in the book, I will often take the book with me on the treadmill the next morning.  The workout is not as intense, but just as satisfying!

So in a word, my answer to this week's question is, "no."  :-)

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