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Southern Reading Challenge 2007

I'm in!  Maggie at Maggie Reads has launched a summer reading challenge, the Southern Reading Challenge 2007, which involves reading three Southern books, by Southern authors, in Southern settings (Southern United States, that is, but that's still a pretty broad scope).  The challenge runs from June 1 - August 31.

Well, here I go again.  I have several challenges already in progress, but I think most can be accomplished by reading 1 book per challenge per month.  So what's one more teeny, weeny challenge?  As long as I don't have more than about 4 going concurrently, I should be fine ... just fine ... (juicy rationalization as she realizes she cannot resist!)

I found this list of professor's recommendations, from Lisa at Books. Lists. Life., useful in making my selections.

Challenge Completed 8/10/2007!  My list, links to reviews:
To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee (completed 6/13/2007)
Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison (completed 7/9/2007)
The Optimist's Daughter, by Eudora Welty (completed 8/10/2007)



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Apr. 12th, 2007 03:08 am (UTC)
I'm thrilled you signed on and thanks for the post! I look forward to hearing your choices. :D maggie
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