Laura (laura0218) wrote,

Library Loot: January 7-13, 2009

library-lootLibrary Loot is a new weekly event brought to us by Eva at A Striped Armchair, to share the goodies we bring home from our public library each week.

This is a great complement to Mailbox Monday and the 2009 Support your Local Library Challenge, where I'm aiming to read 50 library books this year. And for this first week, I'm going to cheat and tell you about books I picked up from the library last Saturday:

Property: A Novel by Valerie MartinWhen I Lived in Modern Times by Linda Grant 

From left to right: Property, by Valerie Martin and When I Lived in Modern Times, by Linda Grant. Both of these are Orange Prize winners that I'm reading as part of Orange January.

Visit Eva at A Striped Armchair to find out what others brought home from their public library this week.
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