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Mailbox Monday: November 10, 2008

I ordered this book used from Amazon; my library didn't have it, Paperbackswap had a long-ish wishlist, and I wanted to read it this year for my perpetual Reading Across Borders challenge.  Ismail Kadare is from Albania, a country I have yet to "visit" on my around-the-world journey.  Sometimes it's a challenge to find authors from unfamiliar countries, but LibraryThing is a tremendous resource for this.  I found this book by searching for books tagged "Albania," and reading the reviews and descriptions to decide which book I want to read.  Here's a Publishers Weekly description of this book, from its listing on
Honeymooners in the mountains of Albania and a young man playing out a blood feud set the stage for this mesmerizing tale. Ordered by his father to obey the mandates of Kanun , or mountain law, Gjorg Berisha kills a a man to avenge the murder of his brother. According to the Kanun , however, it is the right and duty of the slain man's family to murder Gjorg after the bessa , or 30-day truce, expires in mid-April. Gjorg plans to spend the first, "white" part of that month as a wanderer, but first must walk to a distant village to pay a "blood tax" to the region's ruling family. On the way, he catches the eye of Diana Vorpsis, traveling in the mountains by carriage with her new husband, Bessian. Something about Gjorg, his role in the drama she hears about and his probable death captures Diana's soul. She becomes increasingly withdrawn as she longs to find the young man she has earlier glimpsed, while Gjorg is equally determined to find her and learn of her life before his April turns "black." Thanks to simple prose and engaging details, the Albanian Kadare ( Chronicles in Stone ) makes this story of harsh yet romantic mountain life ring magically true.   Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.
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