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Mailbox Monday: October 13, 2008

In my very first Friday Finds post, I mentioned a cookbook I'd seen reviewed that week.  I borrowed it from the library, loved it, and now I own it!  It's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, by Deborah Madison.  I've already made some great recipes from this book, and expect to use it several times a week. 

This week I also received three Virago Modern Classics from a very generous LibraryThing member in Australia:
Last week, my friend raidergirl from An Adventure in Reading left a comment on my Mailbox Monday post, concerning Virago Modern Classics.  She wrote, "The covers are pretty and the books are quite a bit more obscure, but still interesting."  This prompted me to reply about why I collect VMCs.  I thought I'd share it in this week's post, for all the world to see:
I'm really not much of a collector so I'm not sure why I caught the bug. But what keeps me going is a certain level of outrage at how women's voices have been ignored, all throughout history. Many of the Virago Modern Classics are "obscure" simply because these talented women were not given the attention showered on male writers. Yet every one that I've read was well-written, enjoyable, and sometimes provocative. For me, collecting is a way to discover these women novelists, commemorate their work, and keep it alive.
So, there you have it.
What landed in your mailbox this week?  Visit Marcia at The Printed Page to find out what others have received ...
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