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The Sunday Salon: New York state of mind

The Sunday
It's been a gorgeous autumn day here in Pennsylvania, so I've only just now finished my outdoor work and some other chores, and come indoors to relax for a bit before dinner. 

This was a week of wonderfully serendipitous reading.  Last Sunday I had just started The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.  And on Monday, I had to make an overnight business trip to New York City, which is where most of the novel takes place.  My train arrived at Penn Station, and my hotel was on 34th Street, so my walk from the station took me right past the Empire State Building, which figures prominently in the novel.  Both Monday's dinner and Tuesday's business meeting were in the vicinity of Grand Central Station on 42nd Street, another nice stroll from my hotel.  I found even this short visit increased my enjoyment of Kavalier and Clay.  There were several points in the novel where I could picture the setting, having just been there myself.  I was also fortunate that day to add a little pleasure to my business trip, meeting two LibraryThing friends for drinks before they caught their trains home from work.  Bonus!   Oh, and the book?  I really enjoyed it!  At 636 pages, I thought I'd still be reading it today, but I finished it Saturday morning (here's my review).

Now here I am, on the 21st day of September, and something unusual has happened:  I have finished all the books I planned to read this month.  I'm making decent progress towards my various reading goals.  So now it's time to kick back and go where my mood takes me for a couple of weeks.  For starters, my mood has taken me to Barbara Pym's Quartet in Autumn.  I was first introduced to Pym last year, and read Excellent Women (my review).  Pym is like a modern-day Jane Austen with her subtle wit and satire.  Quartet in Autumn revolves around four 60-something office workers, each leading their own life and trying desperately not to intrude in the lives of the others.  I'm enjoying it, and will probably be in the mood for more Pym afterwards.  And then?  Well, I may pick up one of those books that's been languishing on my TBR for far too long ... or, I may not.  :-)  That will be a topic for next week!

Good reading to all.
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