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BBAW: Let's Talk Blogging!

Today Amy has asked us to stop talking about books for a few minutes, and focus on our blogging.

What is one thing you wish you knew about blogging when you started or what advice would you give a newbie blogger?
Do your homework before choosing a blogging platform.  When it comes to technology, I'm normally the kind of person that conducts exhaustive research to understand all the ins and outs before making a decision.  For some reason, when I started blogging, I didn't do that.  As I mentioned on Monday, my initial inspiration came from Alisia at Book Haven.  At the time, her blog was on LiveJournal.  I got all caught up in the excitement of starting my own blog and registered with LiveJournal straight away.  About a week later, Alisia moved from LiveJournal to Blogger.  Hmmm, I thought, what's that about?  But I was having too much fun playing with templates and settings and again, I didn't give it much thought.  And I thought LJ's communities might be fun.  But over time I've realized the communities aren't for me, and I've found some limitations in LiveJournal's blogging capabilities, particularly with sidebars and widgets.  Maybe someday I'll switch platforms, but I will definitely do my homework first!

What is your best blogging tip?
The "Golden Rule" applies.  Whether you are writing blog posts, responding to comments, or commenting on another person's blog, practice an ethic of reciprocity and treat others as you would like to be treated.  While your blog is a place to share your opinions and views, it is not a place to belittle others.  Someone may post a comment disagreeing with your views, and this should be acknowledged in a respectful manner.  Arguments and personal attacks should be avoided at all costs!

Award presentations begin today -- check out Amy's blog post for the details!
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