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The Sunday Salon: Anticipation

The Sunday Salon.comHello Saloners !

I didn't post anything last week (what? you didn't notice?!), but that's only because I couldn't think of anything to write about. I once knew a Presbyterian minister who said, "sometimes you have a sermon to preach, and sometimes you just have to preach a sermon." Being in more of the latter state last week, and not being under any contractual obligation to contribute, I just decided to give it a break. I really enjoyed reading everyone's entries though.

So I return this week, not so much with "a sermon to preach," but at least a few thoughts to share about my current reading. My local library showered me with good fortune this week when three requests all arrived simultaneously. Right now I'm looking at these books, stacked up nice and pretty on a table, just waiting for my attention:

I have a feeling I might not like The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I've seen all kinds of reviews and they seem quite mixed. And two friends with reading tastes similar to mine didn't care for it. Normally I wouldn't bother reading it, but I'm doing so out of an obsessive "completist" desire to read all Pulitzer winners. And it's a bit like taking medicine or removing a band-aid: might as well do it quickly and get it over with. 

Links, by Nuruddin Farah, is part of my "reading across borders" journey. Farah is a Somalian author and winner of the Neustadt International Prize for LIterature. This novel came highly recommended from other readers on LibraryThing and I'm looking forward to diving into it (once I get through Oscar, that is!) 

And finally, there's the new collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri, Unaccustomed Earth. I just love her work, and this book has been praised high and low by critics and fellow readers alike. A friend of mine commented the other day how short stories make perfect lunch hour reading, and that's just how I plan to savor this book. I can't wait! 

With so much great reading ahead of me it's tempting to dive right in. But first, I need to finish my current read: Oscar and Lucinda, by Peter Carey. I'm really enjoying this story of an Anglican minister and an Australian heiress. My husband saw the book sitting on the table and said, "wasn't that made into a movie with Ralph Fiennes?" Well sure enough, he's right. There's not much that lodges permanently in his memory, but movie trivia most definitely does. Well I certainly like Ralph Fiennes; he can even make Lord Voldemort appealing! So I'm wondering if anyone out there can comment on the movie: was it good? Was it true to the book? Is it worth dropping into my Netflix queue?

Well, I'm off to spend this Sunday doing other things -- gardening, laundry, and so on -- and with PBS showing the BBC adaptation of Cranford tonight, I may not be doing much reading. Just anticipating the great reads ahead ...
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