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When an obsession becomes a relaxing past-time again

In a journal entry about a month ago, I was concerned my reading hobby seemed to be escalating into an obsession, prompted by, among other things, joining 50bookchallenge.  In the past few weeks I have tried to keep this in mind and balance my reading with other things in life that are important to me.  It's working.

And here's another unexpected benefit:  making time for the important things (including books!) has meant that I spend less of my valuable spare time on work that I bring home from the office.  On many an evening, I used to flip open the laptop in front of the TV and catch up on e-mail, work-related reading, or other tasks.  The problem is, the work never ends.  I could do that every night and never feel truly caught up. 

So I am finding the 50 books goal to be motivating in many ways. Without it, I would still read several books, but probably not so many.  Because of the goal, I make a conscious effort to make time for reading and prioritize that above work and time-wasters (do I really need to watch that "Seinfeld" episode again?).  

Overall this is proving to be a very satisfying journey and a wonderful way to keep work and life in balance. 
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