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The Sunday Salon: My latest Booker winner

 The Sunday

Whew!  Sorry to be so late arriving in the Salon today!  But this was the first really decent weekend weather we've had in ages, and there were peas to be planted.  I have high hopes for a vegetable garden this year and I've been looking forward to using my new Mantis tiller.  So my other half and I created the first two beds and filled one with shelling peas and sugar snap peas.  Yum.  Well, not "yum" just yet.  But, according to the seed packet, in about 58 days.  Fingers crossed!

My day started off quiet and allowed for a good hour of reading time.  Like Ex Libris, I have pets who don't understand weekends.  So there I was, at 6am in a very quiet house, the sun just coming up, and about 80 pages to go in The Bone People.  I finished that one off before breakfast!  Then it was off to do laundry, plant peas, pick up my daughter from the cinema, and make dinner ... so I have only just written my review.  

I was also interested to read Which Book Prizes do you Care About? , the Sunday Salon commentary from Counting my Blessings.  I am a Booker Prize devotee as well, and for somewhat similar reasons:  when I lived in the UK, I found the Booker nominees and winners to be an excellent way to get acquainted with the country's literature.  Now I'm on a quest to read all 41 Booker winners.  The Bone People brings my tally up to 13.  And next up on my TBR is the 2007 winner, The Gathering, also reviewed by Counting my Blessings today.  I think I'm ready for this "wasabi pea" of a novel now!  I invite any and all Booker-loving Salon members to join The Complete Booker, a "perpetual" reading challenge I'm hosting.  Even if you don't join, there are lots of good book reviews to be found there!  

Oh, and that reminds me ... in a complete nonsequitor, I will put in a plug for 3M's new venture, Novels Now, reviewing newly-published books.  Since many of the participants have read the books as ARCs, this site can help you add to your TBR pile before the book even hits the stores!

Join The Sunday Salon here.
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