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The Sunday Salon: Extra Waking Hours

 The Sunday
Puppies don't understand weekends.  As a morning person, I don't ask for much:  just an hour or so more sleep than during the week.  But dear Woody doesn't get it, and has been requesting the pleasure of my company quite early, indeed.  Even on Saturdays.  And Sundays.  And tomorrow, which for me is a holiday?  He won't understand that, either.

At dawn's early light today I got to thinking, there is a positive side to this.  For one thing, Woody is loveable and it's hard to be angry with him, even if he did wake me up.  Second, as the only morning person in my family, rising early affords me quiet time to do whatever I please (providing I also satisfy Woody's needs to pee and eat kibble!).  So in some strange way I actually value the extra waking hours because it means that at some point -- if not at dawn, then later -- I will find a little bit more time to read.

This weekend I'm reading Iris Murdoch's The Sea, the Sea, which won the Booker Prize in 1978.  This is my third Murdoch, and I've found she is masterful at portraying the mid- to later-life man and all his vanities and foibles.  The protagonist in this work is Charles Arrowby, a London theatre director who has recently retired to a seaside cottage in the south of England.  The book is written as a "novelistic memoir," in which Charles chronicles day-to-day living while also digging up aspects of his past.  He has spent his life immersed in theatre, entangled in complex relationships.  He fancies himself as having power over the women in his life when in fact, it appears to be exactly the reverse.  At this point I'm about halfway through the book, and events have just taken place which I thought would be the book's climax.  Clearly Murdoch has more in mind for at least one of his relationships.  

Also during my extra waking hours today I made one final perusal of the seed catalogs and placed my order for spring planting.  Less interesting, but necessary, is wading through my files and assembling the documents required to prepare my tax return.  I should be able to squeeze in a bit more reading before we have dinner with friends.  But first I'm off to read all the other Sunday Salon posts. 

I leave you with a recent picture of my little alarm clock and look forward to your comments!

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