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The Sunday Salon: The Secret River, and other distractions

 The Sunday
For the past few days I've been reading The Secret River, by Kate Grenville, winner of the 2006 Commonwealth Prize.  Set in Australia in the early 1800s, the book centers on William Thornhill, a convict sent to Australia with his wife Sal, who acts as his "master" as required by law.  After he has served his time he obtains a pardon and, like many "emancipists" of that time, stakes his claim to a large parcel of land.  The only problem is, the native people claimed it years before.  There are some interesting characters, and I've been struck by how similar conflict was taking place in both Australia and North America, at approximately the same point in history.  The settlers' hubris is appalling and disconcerting.

I have about 60 pages to go, and things are coming to a head.  The question is, will I have time to finish it today?  I'm not concerned about the Super Bowl -- I could easily read right through that.  But since Tuesday, my reading time has been more prone to interruptions due to the arrival of this lovely boy:

We are beginning to develop a sort of rhythm, at least in parts of the day.  Fortunately our other dog is very happy to have a playmate.  Every morning after breakfast they enjoy a wrestling match:

Which is usually followed by a nap:

Which is how I managed to sneak in some reading this morning.  Wish me luck the rest of the day!
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