Laura (laura0218) wrote,

2nds Challenge Wrap-up

Joy over at Thoughts of Joy sponsored the 2nds Challenge, providing me with a "second helping" of 3 new-found authors:

Interpreter of Maladies, by Jhumpa Lahiri (first book: The Namesake) completed 10/11/2007 - review
A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini (first book:  The Kite Runner) - completed 11/3/2007 - review
The Way the Crow Flies, by Ann-Marie MacDonald (first book:  Fall on Your Knees) completed 12/2/2007 - review

I also completed my alternate selection for this challenge:
East of Eden, by John Steinbeck (first book:  The Grapes of Wrath) completed 10/6/2007 - review 

Favorite book of the challengeInterpreter of Maladies.  This is a wonderful collection of short stories, which I enjoyed even more than The Namesake.

Thanks to Joy for hosting this challenge!
Tags: 2nds challenge, challenge

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