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The Sunday Salon: November Wrap-up

This has been a leisurely week; because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the office was closed Thursday & Friday. And then I decided to take Monday through Wednesday off as well, so I've had a luxurious week at home. I started Christmas and birthday shopping (my daughters were each born on either side of Christmas!), took care of a few chores around the house that had been begging for my attention, cooked a nice Thanksgiving meal, walked the dog, and ... let's see, what else? Oh yes! I read books! And now November is coming to a close. Let's look back on the month's reading:

  • 6 books (72 YTD)
  • 1,894 pages (21,786 YTD)
  • 4 written by women
  • 1 Booker Prize winner
  • 1 Pulitzer Prize winner
  • 1 Orange Prize nominee
  • 1 Virago Modern Classics
  • 1 from the "1001 Books you Must Read Before you Die" list

More specifically, here's what I read this month:

Kind of a so-so month, really, although Angle of Repose will definitely make my 2010 Top 10 (possibly even Top 5). I was incredibly moved and inspired by this book and even now, two weeks later, Lyman Ward and his amazing grandparents continue to occupy my thoughts. I made the most of my week off from work by finishing two books: A Short History of Tractors... and The Emperor's Children. Although neither of these really knocked my socks off, I still felt some sense of accomplishment. Go figure. In November I also finished the last of my timed challenges for 2009: (Another) 1-percent Well-Read Challenge, in which I read 10 books from the "1001 Books you Must Read Before you Die" list.

'Tis the season for announcing 2010 challenges, and while I've definitely learned not to over-commit myself, I'm sure I'll participate in a few. I've already blogged about Women Unbound. If there's another 1-percent Well-Read Challenge, I'm in. And then there's Book Awards, which is scheduled to begin in February. And I've also spice up The Complete Booker perpetual challenge, by hosting a 2010 timed challenge with several ways enjoy Booker Prize winners & nominees.. Information and signups can be found here.

Also this week, after helping my husband start his own blog devoted to furniture building, I was possessed with a fit of creative inspiration, and decided to move my blog to Wordpress at the end of the year. This has provided endless opportunity for time-wasting tinkering over this holiday week, and I've found the work oddly satisfying. My current plan is to close the year at this location with all the usual "year in review" content, and "go live" at my new address on January 1. Look for more details about the move closer to the end of the year.

Today I'll be working a morning shift at the local bird rescue, and putting up Christmas decorations in the afternoon. By evening I should start to wrap my mind around returning to work on Monday, but I may just live in denial for a few more hours, and instead continue with my current read. David Storey's Saville is a coming-of-age story set in a British coal mining town during World War II. This is one of those books where you can escape into a different time, and a different world view, and kind of forget the present for a while.

I hope you've had a nice weekend filled with good reading. I'd love to hear about it; leave me a comment!

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