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The Sunday Salon: reading and anticipating Booker Prize winners

Hello everyone!  It's been a cold and blustery weekend which usually makes for good reading time.  But it's also been a busy weekend, with lots of little things to get done.  And I had my bi-weekly volunteer shift at the local bird rescue as well.  So with all that I'm just now sitting down to dash off my Salon post.

Did you miss my post last week?  There was a gremlin in the Yahoo pipe.  A million thanks to Debra for sorting it out.  I think the post eventually came through on Tuesday.  So, what did you miss?  I chatted a bit about a recent read, Empire Falls, raved about a moving children's book, The Snow Goose, and teed up my next two reads which were both Booker Prize winners:  Coetzee's Disgrace, and Golding's Rites of Passage.

Now here we are a week later, and I'm pleased to say I have finished both of those books.  I'm not a huge Coetzee fan, but I liked Disgrace more than expected (read my review).  The Golding was a bit better.  Similar to Lord of the Flies, Rites of Passage profiles an isolated microcosm of society (in this case, they are "isolated" on a ship bound from England to Australia).  I realized just a few pages in that I'd seen a BBC dramatization of Rites of Passage a couple years ago.  It was quite true to the book, and I also enjoyed Golding's writing.  You can find my review here.

Last week I also patted myself on the back for being quick to reserve the 2009 Booker Prize winner at my library.  Wolf Hall was released in the US this week and I was #5 in the queue.  On Friday I logged on to the library system, not expecting much, and found that my reservation was already "in transit"!  This means I might have it in my hands in the next few days, perhaps even tomorrow!!!  This is great timing: not only am I dying to read it, but I'm going to be travelling next weekend and it will be great to lose myself in a good book en route.

Even though I finished Rites of Passage just yesterday, I can't sit idle waiting for my library request.  So I started Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse this morning.  It will probably take me 'til about page 50 before I get into the rhythm of her language, but I so enjoy her writing.  And my past seven books have been written by men -- very unusual for me -- so I'm happy to be reconnecting with the feminine voice.  And who better than Virginia Woolf?

What are you reading this week?

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